My name is Jada Davis and I’m reading a book called “Shadow Of The Red Moon” by Walter Dean Myers.  So far in my book Jon, Lan, Atun & Kyra has left the compound and are traveling towards the Ancient Land.  Lan has gotten even sicker and now she’s weaker,  she can’t travel on her own so Jon begins to carry her but he isn’t strong enough to carry both of there weight so he puts her onto shadows back.  Jon sees she isn’t getting better so he makes a plan to try to get healing herbs for her from the fens, Jon knows their not going to give them to him so him and Atun plans on attacking them. This is as far as I have got,  but I wonder was going to happen next.  I wonder if their plan will go out the right way or if they will get caught or hurt..


Journal entry

My name is Jada Davis and I’m reading a book called ” Shadow Of The Red Moon ” by Walter Dean Myers. So far the book has been an excitement builder . It’s about a Young boy name Jon and two siblings lin , & kyira that stuck out In the wilderness because they’re city was over ruled by fens and they got away from it.  Now they’re out trying to survive and avoid running into any fens or they’ll get killed too. The kids wound up finding this little village with other people from their city oklean but Jon doesn’t trust it because they are friends with the fens . There’s a lot of funny things going on at this point and Jon plans to find out.  This is just how far I’ve gotten into the book , it’s a very interesting,  attention holder book.